newbook25 Days of Christmas Treats

Do you love the holidays but find that they are gone before you know it?

Do you have the best of intentions to cook great food and plan delicious meals, but the time just gets away from you?

Would you like to create special family moments that your loved ones will look forward to year after year?

Then, this book is for you. Inside are 25 delicious, no-fail recipes your family and friends will love. Plus, you will also get a 25-day schedule to get the most out of your baking time.

If you follow the schedule, you will have a homemade supply of yummy treats to give to teachers, take to parties, and to enjoy on your own – all month long!

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pie-2Easy as Pie

Bake a delicious pie your whole family will love!

Do you love the idea of a homemade pie, but think they are too hard to make?  Do you have the best of intentions to cook great meals with a delicious dessert, but the time just gets away from you?

Are you intimidated by the idea of baking pies because you think…

• Pie crusts are too hard to make
• Your pie crusts are never flaky
• Your pie filling never sets properly
• Pies take too much time to bake

Then, this book is for you. Inside are more than 25 delicious, no-fail recipes your family and friends will love. Not only that, I will walk you through step-by-step how to make perfectly flaky pie crust that never fails – including the secret ingredient for flaky pie crusts every time! You will be able to make beautiful homemade pies for dessert, or to store in your freezer for an impromptu dinner party – no one will believe you had the time to bake a pie while you worked all day!

Inside, you will find step-by-step instructions for perfectly flaky pie crust, every time, more crust recipes, topping recipes, fruit pies, cream pies and more!

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party1It’s Party Time: Shooters for all Occasions

Do you love the idea of a home party, but think it is too much work?

Do you entertain a lot, but want to serve something different next time?

Have you always wanted to try shooters, but didn’t know where to start?

Are you hosting a beach-themed party and want something fun like Jell-O or pudding shooters?

Then, this book is for you. Inside are delicious, easy and quick, no-fail shooter recipes your family and friends will love. Inside you will find 80 shooter recipes, including:

  • Mixed shooters
  • Layered shooters
  • Themed shooters, including Valentine’s Day, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day
  • Jell-O shooters, and
  • Pudding shooters.

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fix1Mommy Camp

Plan the best summer ever for your kids without breaking the bank!

Are you planning to be home this summer with your children but don’t know what you will do to entertain them?  Are you dreading the daily, “I’m bored!” that you know you will start to hear soon? Are your kids going to be home this summer but have no plans?  Are you worried about how much your summer break is going to cost you?  Are you looking for fun and inexpensive activities to plan during your time off?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Mommy Camp is for you (and Dads too)!

This book has tons of ideas for planning a fun and inexpensive summer (or winter) holiday with your family, friends, and children.

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fontRaising a Happy Child

For most people, the idea of starting a family and having a baby conjures up a mixture of emotions.

They are excited to start this new journey but scared at the same time. Will they do the right thing? Will their baby be healthy? Will they repeat the mistakes of their parents – or the successes? How will they know if they are doing it “right”?

The idea that YOU are the one responsible for this tiny new life can be overwhelming.

This book will help you see how to eliminate one of the major challenges in having a baby – communication. When a baby is born, the only way he or she can communicate is by crying. Learning and using sign language with your baby allows them to communicate with you MUCH sooner than if they had to wait until they could talk – up to two years sooner!

Better communication means WAY less crying and a MUCH happier baby – and parent!
PLUS, this book will show you how you can benefit from this new form of communication in just minutes a day – honestly!

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155201+ Titanic Facts

Are you fascinated with the Titanic?

Have you wondered what it must have been like to work in those hot boiler rooms, or as a maid to a First Class passenger?  Have you wondered what it would have been like to actually be a First Class passenger?  Did you watch James Cameron’s Titanic and think, “How would I have survived the sinking?”

Well, this book is for you. Inside, you will find over 200 facts about the Titanic. There are facts about:

• Building the Titanic
• Crew of the Titanic
• Passengers of the Titanic
• Interior of the Titanic
• Maiden voyage of the Titanic
• Sinking of the Titanic
• Survivors of the Titanic
• Museums of the Titanic
• Movies about the Titanic
• Titanic’s legacy

Ready? Let’s go back to Titanic…

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asl-alphabet-coverLearn the American Sign Language Alphabet

For most people, the idea of learning a new language is a daunting task – and perhaps overwhelming. Will you be able to learn it? Will it be too difficult? Will you feel stupid if you can’t do it?

The idea that YOU can take charge and learn something you have always wanted to learn is empowering. You CAN do it. You CAN learn American Sign Language! This is the starting line.

This book will help you see how to add American Sign Language to your knowledge of languages one step – or letter – at a time. With easy to follow instructions and visual cues and examples, you will master the alphabet and be ready to take the next step – communication!

Ready? Let’s get started…

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newtext1My Gardening Journal

Whether you are a first time gardener, or a seasoned veteran, the pages of this journal will help you organize, plan, and budget for the perfect garden.

Inside, you will find the following pages:

  • 10 grid-type pages for planning the perfect garden
  • 30 page for cataloguing plant types
  • 52 garden journal pages
  • 10 pages for tracking various suppliers, and
  • 10 budget pages for tracking gardening expenses

Depending on the length of your growing season, there should be enough pages in this journal to track your gardening efforts for at least two or three years.

Have fun and happy gardening!

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runnMy Running Log Book

Whether you are a first-time runner who needs motivation to get off the couch, or if you are a veteran marathoner, this journal will help you succeed.

Inside, you will find the following sections for each week of training:

  • week
  • date
  • distance
  • time
  • average pace
  • heart rate
  • route
  • notes
  • weekly distance
  • year-to-date distance
  • weight, and
  • cross training

You will also find a 10-week training program if you are a beginner runner. The goal at the end of the 10-week program is to be able to run 3km without stopping. There are log pages for a full year of training.

Ready? Let’s start running!

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